The demand for online delivery is projected to cause a 30% increase in urban traffic by 2030. Further challenges associated to operating packages in outdoor environments, brings opportunities to innovate with emerging technologies.

— We bring new experiences to the logistics industry.

LML Systems

Dedicated underground infrastructure for the delivery of goods and services, bringing new opportunities to individuals and businesses.

LML Systems - Barcelona Masterplan

Solutions for automated delivery, storage, and logistics in the Eixample neighborhood of Barcelona.

LML Systems - NYC Offshore Towers

Last mile logistics infrastructure in Manhattan through land reclamation. Offshore hub for last mile logistics operations.

Automated Indoor Farming

Indoor farming solutions with dedicated units and specialized automated systems using robots.
Furniture-like element for the integration of the last-mile logistics industry in habitable spaces.
Market View

2050 projections
Last Mile Logistics Industry

The following annual profit pool and compound annual growth awaits for those moving swiftly and disrupting in this industry:
Billion USD per year
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