LML Systems plans to introduce its last mile logistics infrastructure in New York City by utilizing Manhattan's coast and land reclamation. The masterplan represents a hub for last mile logistics operations.




Lower Manhattan


61 thousand people

NYC LML integration

LML Systems aims to introduce its last mile logistics infrastructure in New York City, one of the busiest cities in the world. The location of Manhattan represents a challenge to start building a new infrastructure from scratch. Thanks to Manhattan's coast, LAIA leverages Landboxes (land reclamation system) to reclaim land and bring a new infrastructure into the city, in this case LML Systems. Therefore, LML Systems operates as a hub for last mile logistics operations and the point of growth for this network.


The Landboxes land reclamation system serves as the foundational framework for integrating diverse infrastructures. Within this system, the three modules of LML Systems seamlessly integrate into the structural grid of Landboxes: the indoor farming unit, recycling unit, and warehouse unit. These components collectively foster an independent operational model while offering essential services to the neighboring communities

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