In the digital age, data is everywhere, spread across the web. By 2050, the world will have 50,000 Zettabytes, a thousand times more than in 2020. To make the most of this vast data opportunity, users need effective frameworks.

— We bring new experiences to data analytics.

Urban Analytics

Designing workflows to extract maximum value from data for specific urban-related strategies.

Plot Finder

Quantitative land valuation tool designed to democratize and automate the land valuation process.

EV Top Spots

Automating the optimal placement of electric vehicle (EV) chargers across multiple cities for the automotive industry.

Smart Warehouse

Strategically positioning warehouses to automate a last-mile delivery network in the city of Barcelona.

Dark Storage

Coming Soon
Identifying the optimal locations for dark storage units across various cities worldwide for the last-mile logistics industry.
Market Size

2050 projections
Big Data Analytics

Just in Big Data Analytics, the following profit pool and market size awaits for those moving swiftly and disrupting in this industry:
Trillion USD
Million new habitants

Smart Regional

Country wide quantitative analysis workflows to extract maximum value for territorial planning.

Smart Regional - Spain

Locating rural territories in Spain at most risk of continuous depopulation and with opportunity of recovery.

Smart Regional - Alcañiz

Recovery package for rural areas with railway connectivity. This includes reactivating infrastructures and adding new ones.

Arcadia Cloud, China

Masterplan focused on natural cycles, productivity, and identity, incorporating a blend of tradition and modern technology.

Lower Dream State, Baja California

Study of development patterns, construction methods, and resiliency strategies to comprehend the effects of urban and tourism-related growth.

Digitization of Incremental Settlements

Use of drones and photogrammetry to improve living standards and construction safety in incremental settlements.

Sinking Cities

Coming Soon
Counteracting the effects of underground water extraction in cities worldwide that contribute to land compaction.

Drone Analytics

Quick surveying methods and workflow development to support decision-making for urban stakeholders.
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