At a time when global data volumes are expected to surge to 50,000 zettabytes by 2050, LAIA Analytics offers comprehensive solutions in advanced analytics. Our methodologies integrate the use of a diverse array of data types, including spatial, temporal, and socioeconomic factors, with advanced artificial intelligence techniques.

— LAIA’s approach simplifies complex data sets and enhances decision-making across various sectors with greater accuracy and depth.

Cityscape Analytics: Worldwide

We analyze the evolving dynamics of near 2000 cities worldwide,providing essential insights into urban development, economic trends, anddemographic shifts.

More than 30 areas of analysis

Currently expanding the areas of study to cover the entire globe with public datasets.

Near 2000 cities Worldwide

Currently covered every settlement with over 300 thousands inhabitants.

Continuous updates

Our integrated AI allows us to consistently update our systems with the latest information in these datasets.

More than 50 areas of analysis

This product has analyzed over 50 areas in the African continent to bring insights to relevant entities

More than 1000 African projects

Reports of various construction and infrastructure projects to help entities shape their business models.

30 new infrastructures each month

By integrating AI, this product is capable of finding the latest construction and infrastructure projects.

Construction and Infrastructures Monitor: Africa

We monitor thousands of construction and infrastructures new projects from more than 45 African countries, and analyze the most relevant ones with our advanced AI tool.

ConTech Startups Panel

We analyze Construction Technologies startups using reports, public data, expert panels, and AI to assist investors, funds, and corporate managers with its decision-making.

More than 100 areas of analysis

Bring an economic incentive layer to regions with unexploited renewable resources with the digital asset industry.

More than 1000 ConTech startups

Masterplan in selected region of an innovation hub based on a renewable energy economy.

50 new full reports each month

Analysis of renewable energy sources to distribute settlements based on a clean energy economy.

We are specialists in transforming complex data into actionable insights. Our services span various sectors, utilizing cutting-edge AI and advanced analytics to address unique challenges and opportunities. Whether it's for urban planning, infrastructure development, or environmental analysis, our tailor-made solutions are designed to empower decision-making with precision and depth.

— LAIA’s approach simplifies complex data sets and enhances decision-making across various sectors with greater accuracy and depth.

Automating the Optimal Location of EV Charging Stations

Utilizing our PinPoint tool, this study demonstrates the power of AI in identifying the most efficient locations for EV charging stations in Barcelona.

Customizing data-sets to users needs

By integrating data on income levels, land use, population density, and more, we provide a comprehensive analysis for entities ranging from city councils to private enterprises.

Output of top locations for new EV stations

This example identifies ideal spots for new EV charging stations to assess, identify, arbitrage, and install new infrastructure.

Output of top EV stations to upgrade

Identifying existing EV charging stations that could benefit from an upgrade, contributing to a robust EV infrastructure.

Customizing data-sets to users needs

We leverage AI toprocess geographical and property data, assigning scores to regions based onfactors like growth potential and infrastructure.

Output undervalued real estate

The results highlight the most valuable undeveloped land for land developers, buyers, and business owners.

Arbitrage real estate developments

Assist developers and investors in identifying prime real estate opportunities for residential, commercial, or industrial development.

Quantitative Land Valuation for Custom Developments

Our PlotFind tool is central to this study, streamlining real estate land valuation in Barcelona with advanced AI and comprehensive metadata analysis.
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