LAIA is an innovation lab focused on cities, infrastructures, and construction technologies to sustain our society beyond the 21st century. LAIA brings ecology into the construction industry to promote its core values; resiliency, productivity, health, digitization, and diversity.

At LAIA Laboratory we study technologies, mediums, and cultures to democratize the well-being of citizens and foster sustainable growth. Our research areas include automation systems, data science, and digital fabrication domains. LAIA also explores cultures and their relationships with the natural environment to project future developments.

For each venture LAIA Observatory carries multi-scalar research for each case study's geography, society, climate, biota, and historical conditions. This results on proposals that aim to establish a symbiotic relationship between agents and context.

LAIA was founded by the architect and Harvard graduate Gabriel Muñoz Moreno, and by the internet entrepreneur Jordi Muro under a joint agreement to revolutionize the urban landscape.

— We bring new experiences to the urban environment.
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