Changes in sustainability requirements, a shortage of skilled labor, the emergence of new materials, and increasing digitalization are reshaping the construction industry. For innovators and disruptors, there is approximately a $280 billion annual profit pool.

— We bring new experiences to the construction industry.

Fabrication Systems

(AFS) leverages the power of machines, to make fabrication workflows that are more efficient, cost-effective, and secure.


Designed to be adaptable, space efficient, and playful. It leverages robotics to create complex structures with precision, and without compromising design.

Argyle Beams

Designed to improve the load-carrying capacity of reinforced concrete beams in construction.

Human-Robot Construction

Workflow to provide remote access for on site excavation and landscaping with a systematic set of rules.
Market Size

2050 projections
Automated Systems

The construction industry is reshaping and adapting to the new technologies, making the potential market size:
Trillion USD
world´s GDP

Urban Tools

Design of workflows and algorithms to increase the productivity of urban planning and bring value to decision makers.
Creation of algorithms to bring a data driven urban planning and speed up its process.

Digitization of Incremental Settlements

Use of drones and photogrammetry to improve living standards and construction safety in incremental settlements.


Coming Soon
Housing complex using modular parts for rapid fabrication and assembly to increase the efficiency of construction processes.

Construction Systems

Modular systems designed to adapt the construction industry to the rapidly growing global population in the 21st century.
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