The Mining Valley masterplan focuses on harnessing renewable energy to power the digital asset mining and cloud computing industries, serving as the primary economic engines.










Valleys present unique geographical conditions that enable the optimal extraction of various renewable energy sources, such as wind, solar, and hydro power. The natural inclination of valleys allows for the strategic orientation of solar panels to maximize radiation absorption. The surrounding mountains create a wind tunnel effect, facilitating efficient wind energy (eolic) extraction, while their crests harness the free-flowing, high-altitude winds. Additionally, the directional nature of a valley's inclination and water flow is ideal for identifying optimal sites for hydroelectric energy generation.

By leveraging these renewable energy sources, we can develop master plans that drive energy-intensive industries, such as digital asset mining and cloud computing. The core value of these innovative master plans lies in identifying and utilizing untapped renewable energy sources, then constructing the necessary infrastructure for their extraction. This approach leads to the creation of net-zero, self-sustained settlements tailored for the digital age. Once the optimal locations for this infrastructure are determined, the overall master plan is designed and organized around these energy hubs.

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