Decentralized funding platform using blockchain to promote sustainable progress and inclusiveness in developing countries.


Decentralize Application (DApp)







Territories in Development (TiD) is a platform that aims to promote sustainable progress and global inclusiveness in developing countries by decentralizing decision-making processes and funding allocation. It addresses the issue of centralization in project selection and funding, which can lead to a divergence in interests and reduce the potential for long-term positive impact on local communities. TiD uses an observatory as its communication medium and a crowd-lending platform as its funding medium to promote the spread of ownership and remove centralization over the control of specific territories and projects. TiD values the existing human and ecological resources of developing countries and turns charity into an investment, thus enhancing local cultures for a more culturally diverse and inclusive world. The platform uses blockchain technology to enhance transparency in funding allocation, automate ownership exchange with smart contracts, and democratize access to NGO funding, private equity, and venture capital investments.

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